How to Put Emergency Contact on Your Phone’s Lock Screen


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This article will teaches you how to add a contact’s name, phone number, and other details to your Android’s Emergency information page. Your emergency contacts are accessible to anybody without your password, and will help in an emergency.

Emergency Contact in android

Step 1 :: Lock your phone see is there is any emergency number saved or not, click over the Emergency Call Button


Step 2 :: Here you can see list of numbers if you have in an emergency contact Like in my case there is no any number is added in emergency contact

Emergency Contact in android

Step 3 :: I want to add my mother number as an emergency contact so first I will go to the contact list

Emergency Contact in android

Step 4:: Here you can search for the desired number which you want to add click over the edit button

smartphone Emergency Contact

Step 5:: Here you can see groups, click over the group option

Emergency Contact in android

Steps 6:: Select the emergency contacts

smartphone Emergency Contact

Step 7:: Go to the back click over the save button now you can see there is one more groups added

Emergency Contact in smartphone

Step 8:: done , Suppose your phone is lock and if any emergency occurred then it will help to contact your loved one.smartphone Emergency Contact


Now you can see your saved number as emergency number by locking up the phone and if you want add more number you can repeat the same task.

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