Netflix’s best to for every mood you have

Netflix’s best to for every mood you have | what Netflix shows to watch

All hail to the pleasure that’s not guilty. Always felt you need a partner for every mood you’re going through , but sometimes happens that you do not have the right companion?. Even if thats not your case you should still go through this article as by the end of it you’ll have a great bunch of shows/movies that will help you through your different mood.

People don’t generally love movies/series that are not the genre the prefer, but exploring all types of art gives you a great sense of understanding your different moods better. Take a look at this list of Netflix shows that you will definitely love once you start watching it.

Netflix shows to watch

If you’re facing emotional problems and need something compassionate and inclusive to watch-


"Atypical" on Netflix and Spectrum Awareness | K-UTE Radio

This show is about autistic 18 year old names Sam who’s seeking a girlfriend and independence. The writers carefully employ therapy sessions and asides to shed light light on autism.

want something really full of twists and turns-

House of Cards –

Netflix’s first original program remains one if it’s most addictive , though House of cards penchant for over the top plot twists makes it difficult to take it too seriously. Adapted from the BBC miniseries of the same name, the long running drama provides  a dark glimpse at the power players and backstabbers who run DC. star Kevin Spacey’s sinister Jim-facing has taken on a creepy new real- world context.

For when you know the struggle is real both physically and mentally no show is as apt in describing this than-


Netflix shows to watch

yes a cartoon with a horse talking, sounds weird right?,but well this show has illustarted depression unlike any other show till date. It’s complex character witty dialogue’s , each episode structured very precisely and in a way thats not too offensive. You’ll encounter the killer visual gags, and the perfect timing of each dialogue that make you evaluate your own life.

You are here what Netflix shows to watch in 2020

Had a rough day , feeling super drained no capacity to process anything serious? Well in that case-

BROOKLYN NINE NINE [has got you covered]-

Netflix shows to watch

This show is just the epitome of evreything that’s funny and cool. It does only lighten up your mood but engages you in a such way that you want a BAD ASS COOL COP too. It shows that no matter what you are it is about how you carry yourself , how you make your mundane job interesting with all that you love and find cool . It is a must watch for all that who appreciate a life that is fun, cool and noice(reference to the show) . Tune in and comment how you feel.

Going through a breakup ? Here’s some movies that can get you covered-

Eternal sunshine of spotless mind

This film is beautiful reminder of we’re humans and not machines. our memories are not files on a computer that you can delete.You’re gonna want to hold those memories as the person you are today is because of the people you had in your life and you’re who you are you can not change that.

La La Land-

Things don’t always workout life is sad and you’ll have to learn to cherish the memories you have move on . The ending of this film has everyone’s heart


Begin again

A beautiful journey of reinventing oneself all over again . There are people who are toxic but you will have start again and believe in yourself,

girls camping or night out?


Netflix shows to watch

Well as the names suggest a perfect show for an all girls night out . For all the gossip and drama , and dumping your ex this show is perfect.

So go ahead start watching according to your mood.



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